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Not sure what you're tire size is? The easiest place to find this is on the vehicle itself. Todays vehicles offer many tire options so the best bet is to check your vehicle itself to determine what tire size you need. Find your vehicle tire information placard. It is usually located on the door jamb of the driver side door.

The tire size is also listed on the tires themself.

Tire Class - "P"

The first character(s) in a tire size designate the tire's class. In this example, "P" indicates that the tire is a passenger car tire. An "LT" before the tire size designates a light truck tire, and no letter before the size indicates that it is a European metric tire.

Width - "215"

A metric tire's section width is measured in millimeters. This measurement is taken from sidewall to sidewall. In this example, the section width of the tire is 205mm.

Aspect Ratio - "65"

This number refers to the height of the sidewall. It is a percentage of the section width. In this example, 65 percent of the section width of 205mm equals 133.25.

Tire Construction - "R"

The "R" in this example indicates radial tire construction.

Diameter - "15"

This indicates the wheel diameter in inches.